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Our Bratislava team is small, but we're planing to grow it quickly,
and we're looking for talented software developers and
technologists who want to be a part of this exciting growth.    

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Here’s what we can offer you:

Stay strong and healthy

We believe in keeping the mind and the body healthy so we offer our staff annual medical check ups, and health and life insurance programs.

Be pround of what you do

We believe business to business technology, like consumer technology, should be a joy to look at, a joy to use, and make our client' lives easier.

Build the life and career you want

With offices in Europe, Thailand and South Africa, there's the opportunity to gain international experience and build a lifestyle and career that suits your needs.

Broaden your horizons

Our client portfolio is diverse; from telecommunications to baking and finance, we work across many fast-paced, rapidly changing industries. This means you will be constantly challenged with new and exciting projects.

Boost your career

We need great people to help us realize our vision. When you become a part of Aware you will join us in building a world-class compny. To ensure you have skills for a great career we provide language, technical and business training and support.

Support your community

We work hard together, have fun together and support each other and our communities. As well as our annual charity event in Thailand, we offer our staff financial support for marriage, childbirth and funeral arrangements. Were here for those moments in life where you might need a helping hand.